A Statement from the Litigation Section Council
We are currently experiencing a tough time not only in Texas, but across the country. While we continue wrestling with COVID-19 and are transitioning into different workplace protocols, we are also all grappling once again with racism. For many in our Section, the recent events are deeply personal and stand to re-open a centuries-long set of wounds.
Believing that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights - racial, economic and social injustice cannot be tolerated. We all have the responsibility to address these issues and resolve what we can. As Texas lawyers, we remain dedicated and committed to justice for all. Indeed, the mission of our section “Empowering advocates, promoting justice, and preserving the rule of law” demands it. At this crucial time in our country’s history, we must all commit to maintaining respect and professionalism. Although we are not a political organization, we cannot afford to be silent on this fundamental concept:
We must all be willing to be visible allies in the fight against injustice.
As a section of individuals with humanity at its core, we must stand up and ensure that we do not waver in our dedication “to improving our justice system and the quality of legal services delivered to Texans” in our great state.
The Litigation Section
Visible allies in the fight against racism and injustice.
Jennifer Doan, Chair
Litigation Section
State Bar of Texas
This position is from the Litigation Section Council of the Litigation Section of the State Bar of Texas.
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