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The Best Litigation Journal
Volume 98, Spring 2022
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Table of Contents

Editor's Comments
by Lonny Hoffman

Chair's Report
by Cade Browning

An Unfortunate Texas Tradition: Latino Underrepresentation in Jury Pools
by Mary R. Rose

“The People” as Jurors in 2022: Polarized But Pledged and Productive
by Tara Trask, Chris Dominic, Emilie Fisher, and David Barnard, Ph.D.

More Than COVID: How 2020-21 Has Shaped Jury Decision-Making
by Jason S. Bloom, M.A. and Emily McDonald, Ph.D.

Reforms to Revive the Dying Jury Trial
by Richard Gabriel, Emily Shaw, Gabriela Cedré, and Jonathan Ross

Social Media in the Courtroom: Juror Use of New Media
by Allison Trochesset, Ph.D.

Voir Dire or Voir Google? Jury Selection in the Twenty-First Century
by Hon. John G. Browning

Getting Back to "Normal": Jury Trials in the Post-COVID Era
by Paula Hannaford-Agor

Technology and the Courts: Time to Move Into the Twenty-First Century
by Richard Gabriel and Ted A. Donner

The Empathy Deficit in Pajama-Clad Online Jurors
by Quentin Brogdon

The (Un)Constitutionality of Virtual Civil Jury Trials
by Richard Lorren Jolly

Evidence Update
by Luther H. Soules III & Robinson C. Ramsey

Procedure Update
by Luther H. Soules III & Robinson C. Ramsey

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Chad is a lead practitioner of Texas appellate law and has been listed as a Texas Super Lawyer from 2011-2022 by Thomson Reuters, and on the Top 100 in Texas list for 2020 and 2021. He is a recognized constitutional scholar and expert on legal writing. Chad handles a variety of family law appeals and civil appeals. He has presented oral argument in the state and federal courts more than 60 times. Chad is also a leader in the legal profession and currently serves as Chair of the Board of the State Bar of Texas. He has also served on the Bar's Board of Directors and Executive Committee, and as Chair of the Texas Bar College. In 2017, he was one of two nominated candidates for President-Elect of the State Bar of Texas.
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