Texas Legal Legends
Texas Legal Legends is a project of the Litigation Section of the State Bar of Texas. Its purpose is to memorialize the stories of many legendary lawyers who have practiced in Texas, and to use those stories to enhance the public’s understanding of the historical importance of lawyers and the importance of making a difference – not just a living. These Legends are examples of lawyers who have spent their professional careers serving others and taking on challenges that are much bigger than themselves.

To watch more Texas Legal Legend Inductions, see the list of inductees below.

Rusty Hardin Inducted as Legal Legend
On June 23, 2020, the Litigation Section inducted Rusty Hardin as a Legal Legend. Section members Geoff Gannaway and Wes Christian interviewed Mr. Hardin regarding his thoughts on effective advocacy, ethics, and professionalism. The full two-hour interview with Mr. Hardin is available above. If you are interested in viewing short version from Mr. Hardin’s speech, he discussed, among other things, trusting juries and the importance of your reputation. A reprint of an article Mr. Gannaway wrote about Mr. Hardin in the Fall 2010 News for the Bar is here.
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