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Jan 21-22, 2021 
Litigation Update - Webcast 
June 17-18, 2021
State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting - Ft. Worth
The Best Litigation Journal
Volume 92, Fall 2020
Volume 90, Spring 2020
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Table of Contents

Editor's Comments
by Lonny Hoffman

Chair's Comments
by Jennifer Haltom Doan

Update Your Courtroom Game Using Audience-Focused Communication
by Jason S. Bloom

Suggestions From the Bench
by Norma Gonzales

Technology in the Courtroom: Demonstratives
by Hon. Xavier Rodriguez & Stephen Malouf

The Limits of Texas Voir Dire
by Randy Wilson

My View of Jury Duty From the Jury Box
by Reece Rondon

Preparing the Plaintiff to Testif
by Quentin Brogdon

Preparinf Witnesses for Trial
by David Chamberlain & Eva Deleon

The Jury Charge: How to Draft One and Use It Throughout Your Case
by Connie Pfeiffer

Presenting Evidence with an Eye Toward Your Jury
by Jim M. Perdue, Jr.

Opening Statements and Closing Arguments
by Daniel J. T. Sciano

Presenting Experts – Plaintiff
by Mikal C. Watts

Complex and Scary – The Use of Defense Experts in Environmental Litigation
by Scott Janoe

The Jury Charge
by Matthew S. Compton & Dan Pozza

Evidence Update
by Luther H. Soules III & Robinson C. Ramsey

Procedure Update
by Luther H. Soules III & Robinson C. Ramsey

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