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The Best Litigation Journal
Volume 93, Winter 2020
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Table of Contents

Chair's Report
by Hon. Xavier Rodriguez

Editor's Comments
by Lonny Hoffman

A Journal of the Plague Years: Texas Litigation in Times of Pandemic and Epidemic
by Stephen Pate

Virus in the System: Advancing Access to Justice When All Seems Lost
by Harry Reasoner and Trish McAllister

Religious Liberty in a Pandemic—What Gives?
by Hiram Sasser

A Response to Mr. Sasser: Comments on Our Culture Wars
by Sanford V. Levinson

An In-Progress Look at the Texas Supreme Court’s COVID Response
by Thomas R. Phillips and Stephen I. Vladeck

Innovative Tort Claims in the Wake of COVID-19
by Mini Kapoor and Julie Pettit

COVID-19 and the Workplace: Top Trends in Employment Law
by Mark A. Shank and Shelby K. Taylor

Litigating Family Law Through COVID-19
by Jodi Lazar

Litigating Through the COVID-19 Crisis
by Michael Shaunessy

Remote Jury Selection: Looking Over the Horizon
by Hon. Mark A. Drummond

The Sui Generis “Super Sus”—Stephen D. Susman
by Sofia Adrogue

Updates on Case Law - Evidence
by Luther H. Soules III - Soules & Wallace; and Robinson C. Ramsey - Langley & Banack, Inc.

Updates on Case Law - Procedure
by Luther H. Soules III - Soules & Wallace; and Robinson C. Ramsey - Langley & Banack, Inc.

Volume 92, Fall 2020
© Copyright Litigation Section. All rights reserved.