Archives of Grant Award Recipients

2018-2019 Grant Recipient Information:

Texas Appleseed (Austin) will use grant funds from the Section to hold record-clearing clinics for youth experiencing homelessness. These clinics help ensure that these youth can get jobs or go to school without the burden of a criminal past from their childhood. 
American Gateways (Austin) will use grant funds from the Section to host the Hutto Pro Bono Project, which helps prepare immigrant women with credible fear interviews and asylum claims.     

Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support (Dallas) will use grant funds from the Section to help women and children victims of domestic violence or abuse with protective orders and assistance with divorce and custody hearings.      

CASA of Tarrant County (Fort Worth) will use grant funds from the Section to provide trained advocates for children in foster care. 

2017-2018 Grant Recipient Information:

Montgomery County Women's Center $4,000 - The Montgomery County Women’s Center has been committed for many years to providing a 24-hour hotline, safe shelter, crisis intervention, counseling, advocacy and legal services to survivors of family violence, sexual assault and stalking.

Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy $5,000 - Las Americas is a small, grassroots organization located in El Paso, Texas. Created in 1987, Las Americas began as a refugee asylum program dedicated to helping Central American refugees fleeing violence and persecution.

Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program $25,000 - The mission of Houston Volunteer Lawyers is to provide free legal services to low-income people in Harris County and to promote volunteerism among lawyers.

2016 - 2017 Grant Recipient Information:

Cathedral Health and Outreach Ministries  $5,000
Equal Justice Center  $9,500 
Mosaic Family Services, Inc.  $9,500

2015 - 2016 Grant Recipient Information:

Metroplex Military Charitable Trust  $5,000 
Mosaic Family Services, Inc $10,000
Prison Justice League $2,100
Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services $2,150
Saheli, Inc. dba Asian Family Support Services of Austin $4,200 
Texas Fair Defense Project $2,000 
Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, Inc. $5,000 

2014 - 2015 Grant Recipient Information:

Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse (AVDA) $2,150  

Baylor Law School Veterans’ Pro Bono Clinic $2,150 
Casa Marianella $2,150  
Diocesan Migrant & Refugee Services, Inc.  $2,150  
Disability Rights Texas $2,150 
Family Violence Prevention Services  $2,000 
Fort Bend Lawyers Care $2,150 
Metroplex Military Charitable Trust $2,150  
Oficina Legal del Pueblo Unido, Inc. $2,150 
AHELI d/b/a Asian Family Support Services of Austin $2,150 
Tahirih Justice Center $2,150 
Tarrant County Bar Foundation, through Tarrant County Volunteer Services, $2,150 
Travis County Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survival Center d/b/a SafePlace $2,150 
Volunteer Legal Service of Central Texas  $2,150 

2013 - 2014 Grant Recipient Information:  

Casa Marianella $2,500
Fort Bend Lawyers Care (FBLC) $2,500
Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program, Inc. (HVL)  $1,000 
Lone Star Legal Aid $2,500
Mosaic Family Services $2,500
Oficina Legal del Pueblo Unido (Texas Civil Rights Project) $2,500
Tarrant County Bar Foundation’s TLTV & TVAS  $1,000
Texas Fair Defense Project $1,000
Texas Legal Services Center, Austin $5,000
Access to Justice Commission  $2,000 
Texas Civil Rights Project $5,000

2012 - 2013 Grant Recipient Information:

Tahirih Justice Center of Houston provides legal services, public policy advocacy, and public education to protect and improve the lives of low-income immigrant women and young girls fleeing gender-based violence. Awarded $5,000 to train pro bono attorneys to represent victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual assault.

Fort Bend Lawyers Care assists Fort Bend County residents by providing free civil legal services and education about Texas civil law to low-income residents. Awarded $3,000 for interpreter and translation services for limited English proficiency clients and hearing impaired clients.

Texas Loves Children, Inc. of Dallas strives to improve case outcomes for abused and neglected children by enhancing the quality of legal services they receive. Awarded $2,500 to expand their Online Legal Resource and Communications Center which provides online legal, medical and psychological resources for judges and children’s advocates and operates as a network for pro bono attorneys.

Jane’s Due Process, Inc. of Austin provides legal representation for pregnant minors in the State of Texas. Awarded $1,000 to update and publish a Spanish informational brochure on the rights of pregnant teens in Texas.

Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas serves the Panhandle, North and West Texas by providing legal aid to those living in poverty and legal services for low-income individuals in housing matters. Awarded $2,500 to publish and distribute an informational brochure for low-income individuals to educate them about manufactured housing issues and their rights.

Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, El Paso, promotes the dignity, self-sufficiency, safety, and stability of low-income Texans by providing high-quality civil legal representation. Awarded $2,360 to publish and distribute a bilingual brochure addressing landlord/tenant rights, fair housing, evictions, foreclosures and homeowners rights.

Tarrant County Bar Foundation encourages knowledge and understanding of the law and provides legal services at an affordable cost for elderly, poor and disadvantaged individuals. Awarded $2,500 to purchase automated case reporting software for their Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans program which provides legal counsel and representation to Texas veterans who cannot otherwise afford it.

Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse of Houston provides pro bono legal representation exclusively to victims of family violence, battered women, and abused children. Awarded $3,000 for their Protective Order Project to underwrite private process service of protective orders in high-risk cases.

Mosaic Family Services of Dallas provides services to refugees and immigrants in crisis, including victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. Awarded $3,000 to expand its interpreter services for limited English proficiency victims – especially in regard to client intake interviews.

The Community Justice Program is a collaborative effort by the San Antonio Bar Association and Texas RioGrande Legal Aid to provide free legal services to individuals who may not otherwise have access to the legal system by matching volunteer attorneys to pro bono cases. Awarded $2,500 to purchase laptop computers for their ongoing pro bono clinics.
Cathedral Health Ministries of Houston provides a variety of services to restore dignity, self-respect and hope to the homeless and poor. Awarded $2,500 to recruit and utilize reduced cost discovery and deposition resources to improve its ability to present valid defenses on behalf of indigent clients.

2011 - 2012 Grant Recipient Information:

Volunteer Legal Services of Austin
$5,000 for the full revision, printing & binding of its Evening Clinic manual for attorney volunteers.

Diocesan Migrant & Refugee Services, Inc.
$5,250 for the training and mentorship to pro bono attorneys in private practice representing unaccompanied immigrant children appearing before family courts in an effort to obtain court orders necessary for the application of Special Immigrant Juvenile Status.
Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid, Inc.
$1,000 for the publication of 5,000 brochures in English and Spanish to inform low-income buyers of manufactured homes of their consumer rights, warning of deceptive practices, and informing residents where to seek legal assistance.
Disability Rights, Inc.
$1,500 for the creation of on-line web-based training in English and Spanish addressing a variety of court access issues affecting persons with disabilities.
Texas Fair Defense Project
$3,000 to support outreach programs throughout Texas communities by distribution of public education materials in low-income areas about the right to counsel and the right of indigent defendants to seek relief from criminal fines and fees they cannot afford to pay.
Advocate Legal Senior Center
$3,000 to provide management and monitoring services to indigent seniors who are deemed incapacitated by the Probate Courts and who are in need of a legal guardian to handle their affairs.
Texas Civil Rights Project
$5,000 to provide legal representation, advocacy, and education to the disabled community in low-income and rural areas; specifically to publish the “Know Your Rights” brochure relating to information and services provided by the Disability Rights Program.
Human Rights Initiative of North Texas
$4,250 to provide training for the Woman and Children’s Program which target a number of different low-income groups, such as victims of domestic violence, human rights abuses, and serious crimes.

2010 - 2011 Grant Recipient Information:

Fort Bend Lawyers Care (Richmond)
$3,000 to assist in covering expenses for a pro se workshop.

Aid to Victims of Domestic Violence (Houston)
$4,500 to fund private process service in high-risk protective order cases where service cannot be executed by the constable’s office.
Mosaic Family Services (Dallas)
$4,000 to hire licensed contract interpreters and translators as well as to cover development and printing of training materials for translators.
Texas Rural Legal Aid (Austin)
$3,500 to provide funding to print 10,000 copies and distribute a newly created “Guide to Labor Rights of Domestic Workers in Texas.”
Innocence Project (Lubbock)
$3,000 to help fund a statewide Forensic Science Case Review which will be a multi-tiered forensic science case review, litigation, student training and public education program.
Diocesan Migrant and Refugee Services Inc. (El Paso)
$4,000 to provide advice and training to public defenders and private criminal attorneys on the Supreme Court decision Padilla v. Kentucky.
Paso Del Norte Civil Rights Project (El Paso)
$4,000 to continue providing basic labor rights education and representation to low-income workers, support assisted pro se activities, publish the first “El Paso Wage Theft Report” and work with the police department and the District Attorney’s office to create criteria regarding wage theft.

2009 - 2010 Grant Recipient Information:

Advocacy, Inc. (Austin)
$3,000 in support of a program to represent Medicaid beneficiaries under the age of 21 who are challenging denials of medically necessary health care and treatment. The grant will pay for travel expenses to allow staff to represent clients in-person at fair hearings on the challenges.

CASA of Harrison County (Marshall)
$2,400 in support of the expansion of CASA into Marion County to provide trained, court-appointed volunteers to serve as advocates for the best interest of abused and neglected children.
Mosaic Family Services (Dallas)
$3,500 to support their Multicultural Legal Services Program which provides direct legal services to low-income immigrant victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.
Human Rights Initiative of N. Texas (Dallas)
$3,500 for a legal assistant to help immigrant women and children who are victims of human rights abuses apply for immigration relief and legalize their status.
Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid (El Paso)
$3,900 to support TRLA??s Community Justice Program in El Paso, a joint project with the El Paso County Bar Association to improve access to legal services for the poor. The funds will be used to purchase equipment for a portable office to use at bi-monthly divorce clinics.
Lone Star Legal Aid (Houston)
$3,700 to purchase hardware to aid expansion of consumer rights outreach efforts targeting low-income residents of Fort Bend County.
Texas Appleseed (Austin)
$2,500 to train immigration judges, federal government attorneys and immigration attorneys on issues related to mental disability and the immigration process in order to provide better safeguards for immigrants whose mental disabilities diminish their capacity to participate in removal proceedings.
Central Dallas Ministries (Dallas)
$3,500 to support the Legal Action Works Program, which provides legal services for low-income women including assistance in obtaining protective orders and divorce and child custody representation.

2008 - 2009 Grant Recipient Information:

Advocacy, Inc.
$4,000 in support of a program to represent Medicaid beneficiaries under the age of 21 who are challenging denials of medically necessary health care and treatment. The grant will pay for travel expenses to allow staff to represent clients in-person at fair hearings on the challenges.

The Earl Carl Institute for Legal and Social Policy, Inc. (associated with the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University)
$6,000 in support of the establishment of its Trial Advocacy Program, a training program for volunteer attorneys to provide much-needed pro bono representation to school children with disabilities who find themselves in justice courts on minor, Class C misdemeanor “school ticket” cases.  

The Housing Crisis Center
$5,000 in support of their Legal Education and Services Program. The grant will pay for a part-time, trained telephone counselor to field calls and to provide guidance to individuals experiencing landlord/tenant conflicts that could lead to eviction.
Lone Star Legal Aid
$2,374.00 in support of equipment (specifically a projector and supporting accessories) to support trials and litigation in more than 20 East Texas counties.
Mosaic Family Services
$5,000 to support their Multicultural Legal Services Program which provides direct legal services to low-income immigrant victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.
Oficina Legal Del Pueblo Unido, Inc. (Texas Civil Rights Project)
$7,000 in support of the Promotora Outreach Program to make presentations in homes, churches, community centers, and other venues to give basic information about domestic violence and available legal and other services.
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